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RS 200

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The quintessential doublehanded adult race boat with spinnaker. The RS 200 rewards technique over pure physicality, allowing a wider range of sailors to stay competitive. Built to the highest specifications to ensure a lifetime of fun and dependability. The RS 200 is one of the most successful double handed race classes of the modern era responds to finesse and dedication rather than physique to allow couples and young teams share the action.The 200 is a very unique boat with main, jib and spinnaker for serious fun for two regular sized people. On the open sea or the smallest of lakes, the success of the RS200 is proof that it is by far one of the most popular boats sailed today. Exciting performance, responsive handling and a fantastic circuit make the RS200 a legendary doublehander that everyone wants to sail.

  • Hull
    • Spacious and deep cockpit for comfortable hiking.
    • Adjustable hiking straps.
    • Thwart gives the crew a comfortable light wind position.
    • Open transom virtually self drains after a capsize and a molded auto-bailer quickly removes water
    • Super strong hull laminate ensures a long competitive life and trouble free sailing.
  • Foils
    • Pivoting centerboard and rudder for easy launching and recovery
    • GRP sandwich construction gives strong, light, high performance foils.
  • Rig
    • Responsive and advanced rig gives a broad competitive weight range and improved handling
    • Mylar mainsail has ultra-soft full-length battens to reduce "ragging" to extend sail life.
    • Dacron jib is easy to "read" in light winds. Sheet loads are very low, so even the lightest of sailors enjoy the ride.
    • Asymmetric spinnaker with single line hoist and drop system.


  • Length: 13' 0"
  • Beam:6'0"
  • Hull weight: 172lb
  • Sail area main / jib 124 sq ft
  • Sail area spinnaker 89sq ft
  • Hull: Polyester GRP with Coremat
  • Spars: Aluminum alloy
  • Sails: Mylar fully battened mainsail. Dacron jib. Twin patch cross cut spinnaker.
  • Foils: Pivoting centerboard and rudder.


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