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J/22 Parts

Parts, Line, and Custom Rigging for J/22 Sailboats

J/22 Sailboat Parts | Line & Hardware

West Coast Sailing is your source for J/22 sailboat parts, rigging and accessories. The J/22 is a pleasure to own, trailerable and fun to sail. With its easy-to-rig deck stepped mast, crew can get from trailer to sailing in 30 minutes. This weight sensitive boat appeals to all ages and skill levels, with 12 to 15 year old boats routinely winning major championships. Below, two deck layouts help access sheets and control lines so crew can optimize weight placement and avoid movement. Shop J/22 sailboat parts, rigging, and accessories today with rigging guides, technical information, extensive selection, and fast shipping to help you get back out on the water.

J/22 Sailboat Photos for Reference

J/22 Line & Rigging

West Coast Sailing offers a full range of one design rigging for the J/22 including halyards, sheets, and control lines.

J/22 Spinnaker Sheets
Our J/22 Spinnaker Sheets are made with line that features a Dyneema or a blended Dyneema core. This ensures a lightweight and strong sheet, with both ends whipped for durability and core secured to the cover preventing no-load movement.

Spinnaker Sheets SSR - High Performance


J/22 Main Sheets
Our J/22 Main sheets are 9mm diameter and feature whips on each end for a clean finish.

Mainsheet Racing Pro - High Performance


J/22 Jib Sheets
Our J/22 1:1 Jib Sheets are designed to be luggage tagged to the jib, with the middle of the sheet looped through the jib and the tails passed through it. This negates a need for a block to secure the sheet. Each tail is end whipped for durability, core is secured to the cover preventing no-load movement. Our J/22 2:1 Jib Sheets are designed to be tied to to the eye on the jib lead car, run through the clew of the sail, back through the jib lead block and back to the winch. Both ends of the sheet are end whipped for durability.

2:1 Jib Sheet Endura Braid - High Performance
2:1 Jib Sheet Sta-Set - Club Racing
1:1 Jib Sheet Sta-Set - Club Racing


J/22 Spinnaker Halyards
Our J/22 Spinnaker Halyards are designed to be tied to the head of the spinnaker, with both ends whipped for durability.

Spinnaker Halyard Endura Braid - High Performance / Premium
Spinnaker Halyard Admiral 5000 - High Performance / Intermediate


J/22 Main Halyards
Our J/22 Main Halyard with Shackle is available with a Wichard halyard shackle spliced onto the end of the halyard for attachment to the mainsail and the working end finished with an end whip.


J/22 Rigging Diagram

Use the diagram below to reference Harken part numbers to appropriate application on your J/22 sailboat. Parts recommendations are offered as a guide for common applications.


J/22 2:1 Jib Cross Sheeting

Add two 29 mm T2 blocks on the clew for a 2:1 purchase. Use Ratchamatic® cheek blocks for free-handed cross sheeting in moderate breeze and the #6 Harken winch when the wind picks up. Total adjustability from the weather rail.


J/22 Twin Traveler Line Cleats

Two Harken cam cleats for the traveler control line positioned forward of the traveler allow the helmsman to adjust from either the weather or leeward side.

Diagram provided by Harken. West Coast Sailing is an approved seller of Harken sailboat hardware.

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