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Sails & Battens for Laser Sailboats

Laser Sails

The Laser sailboat has three different rigs: Standard, Radial, and 4.7. Using a common upper mast and boom, each of these rigs uses a corresponding lower mast section and sail. The Laser Standard sail is the largest at 76 square feet and is the most common. For lighter weight sailors, the Radial Sail is 62 square feet and uses a Radial Lower Section, and for junior sailors, the 4.7 Sail is 51 square feet and uses a special pre bent 4.7 Lower Mast section. With one sailboat, young sailors starting out in the 4.7 can move up to a Standard or Radial sail as they grow physically and develop tactically without the need to buy a completely new sailboat every few years. Likewise, adult sailors can use smaller rigs in windy conditions for more control.

FREE Sail Numbers and Installation with the purchase of any new *class legal* Laser sail! For practice sails, add sail numbers to your order and we'll install them at no extra charge.