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Upgrade your J/70 Sailboat with the latest Hardware, Line, and Custom Rigging including Sheets, Halyards, and Sail Controls with the Experts at West Coast Sailing

J/70 Sailboat Parts | Line & Rigging

West Coast Sailing is your source for J/70 sailboat parts, rigging and accessories. J-Boats designed this lively, but easily-sailed sportboat to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of sailors—from performance one-design and club racers, to sailing families. A vertical lifting keel makes trailering and ramp-launching a snap. The large cockpit comfortably holds three adults or four mixed crew. Since its launch in 2012, the popularity of this 22-foot superstar has soared, with growing fleets and regatta action worldwide. Superbly built by CCF Composites, Bristol, R. I., the J/70 was named 2013 Boat of the Year by Sailing World Magazine. Shop J/70 sailboat parts, rigging, and accessories today with rigging guides, technical information, extensive selection, and fast shipping to help you get back out on the water.

J/70 Sailboat Photos for Reference

J/70 Line & Running Rigging

West Coast Sailing offers a full range of one design running rigging and custom solutions for the J/70 including halyards, sheets, and control lines, designed with input from top sailors in the fleet and expertly assembled by the riggers in our Rig Shop.
Looking for something you don't see? If you would like to use a line type, diameter, length or configuration different than what we have listed below, contact us at 503-285-5536 or and we can customize a solution for you.

J/70 Spinnaker Halyards
Our J/70 Spinnaker Halyards are made from fast running lines for easy douses with shackle for the attachment point. With a swivel shackle hourglass kites easily work themselves out even under load. All options have a reeving eye for easy installation.
J/70 Spin Halyard (Endura Braid) - High Performance
J/70 Spin Halyard (Dinghy Control) -  Mid Range Performance

J/70 Main Halyards
Our J/70 Halyards feature all low stretch options. Available a shackle for fail safe operation and easily repeatable settings. All main halyards are finished with a reeving eye on the tail for easy installation.
J/70 Main Halyard w/ Shackle (V-100) - High Performance

J/70 Jib Halyards & Fine Tune
Our J/70 Jib Halyards are low stretch and high performance, built to class minimum diameter. All halyards are two piece (primary halyard line and hoisting tail) and feature a reeving eye at the working end and an end whip at the end you tie off to the sail. Vectrus offers lower creep over time compared to Amsteel, but is less UV stable. Our fine tune line is made from either Endura Braid or Dinghy Control for minimal stretch and ease of handling.
J/70 Jib Halyard Amsteel to Amsteel Hoisting Tail - Mid Range Performance
J/70 Jib Halyard Fine-Tune Line (Endura Braid) - High Performance
J/70 Jib Halyard Fine-Tune Line (Dinghy Control) - Mid Range Performance

J/70 Spinnaker Sheets
Our J/70 Spinnaker Sheets are hard wearing for top performance and utilize high end line options. We strip and taper the sheet on each end, joining the core to two Amsteel Dyneema pig tails to luggage tag onto sheets and tie onto the spinnaker. Rigged continuous through the boat, the polyester cover offers great grip and durability for sheeting.
J/70 Spin Sheets w/ Pigtail (Endura Braid) - High Performance

J/70 Main Sheets
Our J/70 main sheets are easy to handle and durable. All options include a luggage tag eye for dead ending and a whip on the other end. We offer two high end options including Nexus Pro (best) and SSR (better), both in 8mm diameter.
J/70 Mainsheet (Nexus Pro) - High Performance (BEST)
J/70 Mainsheet (SSR) -  High Performance (BETTER)

J/70 Jib Sheets
Our J/70 Jib Sheets are easy to handle and durable, made to class minimum diameter so they run well. Designed for class standard 2:1 sheeting. All are double braids so they hold their size well. Whipped on both ends for durability. Sold individually.
J/70 2:1 Jib Sheet (Nexus Pro) - High Performance 
J/70 2:1 Jib Sheet (Endura Braid)
 - High Performance

J/70 Clew Blocks
Our J/70 Clew Blocks are all great options depending on preference. The first option uses smooth running ball bearing Harken 40mm Carbo T2 Blocks that provide easy adjustment under load. Their composite construction protects the mast from dings. The second option is built the same way, but utilizes 14mm Harken Lead Rings that offer low friction and less moving parts. Both are designed to be luggage tagged to your jib.
J/70 Clew Blocks (40mm T2 Blocks) - High Performance
J/24 Clew Blocks (14mm Lead Rings) -  High Performance

J/70 Backstay, Vang, & Traveler
Our J/70 rigging offering also includes custom products for J/70 Backstay Line, J/70 Vang Line, and J/70 Traveler Line. See product pages for details.
J/70 Backstay Control Line (Dinghy Control) - Mid Range Performance
J/70 Travelerl Line (Dinghy Control) - Mid Range Performance
J/70 Vang Control Line (Endura Braid) - High Performance
J/70 Vang Control Line (Dinghy Control) -  Mid Range Performance

Rigging Diagram

Use the diagram below to reference Harken part numbers to appropriate application on your J/70 sailboat. Parts recommendations are offered as a guide for common applications.


Underdeck Furler

The 493 Underdeck furler lowers tack height, maximizing sail area. A ball bearing swivel on the headstay, allows you to raise/lower the jib or adjust luff tension. The jib halyard exits the mast and attaches to a 40 mm 2621 Carbo fiddle; the control line leads through a 40 mm 2148 T2™ Loop block and adjusts using a 396 29 mm Carbo Pivoting Lead block with Carbo-Cam.

Mainsheet System

The 5:1 mainsheet system features 2148 and 2151 Carbo T2 blocks that hang from a Dyneema® strop attached to the boom. A 2621 57 mm Carbo fiddle rides on the traveler car. A 57 mm 2135 Carbo ratchet atop a 144 swivel base finishes the system. The switchable ratchet allows the skipper to turn the ratchet off in light air, or on when grip is needed.

Spinnaker Halyard

A 40 mm 2156 Carbo® Pivoting Lead block attaches to the back of the mast. The spinnaker halyard exits the mast at centerline, runs through the 2156, and cleats at a 150 aluminum cam. The 2156 has a weight savings of almost 20% over the stainless version it replaces without sacrificing load capacity.

Diagram provided by Harken. West Coast Sailing is an approved seller of Harken sailboat hardware.

on the water.

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