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Thistle Hardware

Hardware including Blocks, Cleats, and Accessories for Thistle Class Sailboats

Thistle Sailboat Hardware & Equipment

Rigging Diagram

Use the diagram below to reference Harken part numbers to appropriate application on your Thistle sailboat. Parts recommendations are offered as a guide for common applications.


Mainsheet System

To control the big mainsail on a Thistle, skippers use two 40 mm Carbo singles blocks on the boom and one on the traveler car. Some skippers like to cleat the mainsheet and bolt a swivel base (we recommend the 205 Swivel Base w/ Cam Cleat)with a 57 mm ratchet block to the end of the centerboard cap. To help with getting the boom across quicker, a jibing line is attached to the boom at the same location as the forward block. When it comes time to jibe, the skipper pulls the jibing line across instead of pulling in yards of mainsheet.

Traveler System

All Thistles must have a traveler track across the top of the transom. Use a low-beam Small Boat track with a car and a 40 mm Carbo block shackled to the car. Some boats opt to not use a traveler on that track and instead bolt a 40 mm Carbo single stand-up block in the middle. The control lines are led outboard and turn forward to 29 mm Carbo cheek blocks and micro cams with fairlead covers. The advantage of using a traveler is the ability to bring the car above centerline while sailing upwind and easing the main to centerline to induce vertical twist that is fast in choppy conditions.

Diagram provided by Harken. West Coast Sailing is an approved seller of Harken sailboat hardware.