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J/24 Parts

Parts, Rigging & Accessories for J/24 Sailboats

J/24 Sailboat Parts, Rigging & Accessories

West Coast Sailing is your source for J/24 sailboat parts and accessories. The J/24 is an extremely successful one-design keelboat. Attention to the rules and strict international control provides close racing and attracts the world's top sailors. The J/24 is also popular with weekend club sailors because it is fun, responsive in all conditions, and can be easily handled by one or two people. The class has wisely allowed the development of new hardware systems to keep the boat up-to-date and easy- to-race. Harken has led the way in developing hardware systems for the J/24. Shop J/24 sailboat parts, rigging, and accessories today with rigging guides, technical information, extensive selection, and fast shipping to help you get back out on the water.

J/24 Rigging Diagrams

Use the diagrams below to reference Harken part numbers to appropriate application on your J/24 sailboat. Parts recommendations are offered as a guide for common applications.


J/24 Mainsheet Traveler with Windward Sheeting Car

Harken Windward Sheeting traveler cars have the control cleats built into a special mechanism that automatically opens and closes the leeward cleat during a tack. This allows you to stay on the high side, checking telltales and steering through waves as you pull the car to its new windward side.


J/24 Vang Control System

The star of this 8:1 cascaded vang system is the Harken 57 mm Carbo Fiddle Ratchet Block w/ Becket & Cam 2676 . The reversible cam and adjustable arm keep your hand clear of the cabin house when playing the vang up and downwind. Easy-to-operate on/off switches are located on both sides of the block.

J/24 Plain-Top Performa Winches

The 35.2 Performa is a powerful, lightweight winch that features sandblasted drums optimized for halyard and sheeting applications using high-tech line. The top’s smaller diameter makes it easier to peel off the genoa sheet during tacks. It’s also easier to wrap the sheet when cross sheeting upwind. The snap-fit design keeps composite bearings captive in a high-strength Delrin cage when the drum is removed for maintenance.

J/24 Pro Tip: Jib Halyard Block

Mounting a 57 mm Carbo Ratchamatic to the deck, on the starboard side, close to the mast, and in-line with the jib halyard cleat, gives the bowman extra holding power while hoisting the genoa at the leeward mark. After bearing away from the windward mark, the ratchet disengages letting the halyard smoke through the block. Nothing beats this block’s speed as it brings the halyard down for the run.

Diagram provided by Harken. West Coast Sailing is an approved seller of Harken sailboat hardware.

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