Tasar Resources

The Tasar sailboat is a renowned 14-foot dinghy celebrated for its agile design, exceptional speed, and suitability for both competitive racing and recreational sailing. West Coast Sailing has all the resources you need to rig, find replacement parts, and enjoy sailing your Tasar.


About the Tasar:

The Tasar sailboat is a popular and versatile racing and recreational dinghy known for its performance and simplicity. Designed by architect Frank Bethwaite in the early 1970s, the Tasar has gained a reputation as a responsive and fast boat that appeals to sailors of various skill levels. It has a length of 4.5 meters (14 feet 7 inches) and a sleek, planing hull. It features a two-person crew, making it an ideal choice for competitive racing, yet its ease of handling also makes it accessible for those new to sailing. The boat's class association promotes a vibrant racing community, contributing to its enduring popularity among sailing enthusiasts.

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