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Dolly Parts

Shop our full selection of replacement parts for your Seitech dolly or Dynamic dolly.

Dolly Parts for Launching Dollies & Racks

We offer replacement parts from Dynamic Dollies for launching dollies and racks from Dynamic Dollies and Racks. In most cases, these replacement parts will also work for other dolly manufacturers, including Seitech. We stock a huge inventory of wheels, angled axle brackets, heel brackets, handle brackets and grips, axle t brackets, and more. Small hardware including replacement nuts and bolts are also available. Enjoy fast, free shipping on most orders so you can get your dolly back up to speed quickly.

Dolly Replacement Parts Guide

Not sure what part you need to replace on your dolly? We've got you covered with our handy dolly replacement parts guide.


Angled Axle Bracket - Connects axle tube, upright tube, and wheel shaft.

Axle T Bracket - Connects axle tube to aft tongue tube, and joins tubes on many racks.

Bow Heel Bracket - Connects forward tongue tube to bow tube. Use the standard bracket for most dollies, and 15 degree Bracket for plumb bows.

Handle Bracket - Supports bow (on some dollies) and provides attachment point for handle tube and grips. Use this standard bracket for dollies that do not support bow on bracket and use either the wide cup bracket or narrow cup bracket for dollies that do support bow on the bracket.

Sling Bracket - Holds sling at top of upright tube.

Sling - Support boat or kayak with padded finish. Sling available in multiple lengths.

Wheel - Standard Wheel and Large Wheel replacement wheels available.

Wheel Shaft - Bolted into Angled Axle Bracket with keeper pin on the end for wheel. Use Wheel Shaft 44101 for standard wheels.

Seitech Part Replacements

Please note that Seitech fittings are currently unavailable from the manufacturer. Fittings from Dynamic Dollies are compatible with most, but not all, of their Seitech equivalents. Please check for additional information about compatibility with a Dynamic replacement fitting on individual product pages.