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Drain Plugs

Drain plugs for small sailboats from RWO, Allen, Beckson, Ronstan, and more. Fast Free Shipping over $49.

Drain Plugs

West Coast Sailing carries a variety of drain plugs for small sailboats. These plugs are used to help drain small amounts of water that may accumulate while sailing. They are also useful to regulate air pressure if your boat is sitting on land in the heat. At first glance they may all look similar, but there are subtle variations in size, housing and threading. Read on for our insights on how to choose the right plug, what measurements you need to account for, and some tips on installation. All plugs work pretty much the same way, so you can't go wrong!

How to choose the right plug?
They may all look interchangeable at first glance, but there are subtle differences amongst the different drain plugs so be sure to look closely at what you need to ensure a proper fit. If you are replacing the plug and the housing, the critical dimensions to measure are the screw hole spacing, and the plug hole diameter. If replacing the plug only and the housing is still installed on your boat, then it is crucial to purchase the same plug you had previously. If unsure, it is often quicker and easier to install a whole new unit (housing and plug)

Commonly used plugs per boat model/year:

There are some commonly used plugs, though it is important to remember that any any point there could have been a substitution made. 

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How to Replace a Drainplug:
A typical drain plug has two pieces - the housing and the plug itself. Depending on the exact drain plug, sometimes the plug can be removed from the housing, whereas other times a keeper makes this more difficult (but helps prevent losing it). To replace a drain plug with housing, typically you'll need to back our the two screws holding the housing in place. If installed well the first time, there should be sealant around the holes that may need to be cut away. To install a new drain plug, apply sealant to the backside of the housing, specifically around the main hole and the two screw holes. Use your existing hardware to attach. New sealant, such as West Systems 5200, will do a great job of holding the plug into your hull, but using the screws is recommended in addition to the adhesive.

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