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The Hobie 17 sailboat is a high-performance catamaran celebrated for its speed and agility, featuring a sleek design, trapeze system, and asymmetrical hulls that combine to deliver an exhilarating sailing experience. West Coast Sailing has all the resources you need to rig, find replacement parts, and enjoy sailing your Hobie 17.

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Hobie 17 Line Lengths:

Description Length Diameter Line Type Quantity Recommended Line Options
Mainsheet 46 ft  9mm Sheet 9mm Marlowbraid
Jibsheet  32 ft   8mm Sheet  8mm Robline Orion 500
Jib Halyard Tail  19 ft  3mm  Halyard  3mm Nylon
Main Halyard  70 ft   5mm Halyard   3/16 Strait-Core Polyester
Downhaul  8 ft 5mm  Control Line 5mm Robline Sirius 500
Jib Furler  17 ft  3mm  Control Line  3mm Robline Dinghy Control
Outhaul  5 ft  5mm  Control Line  5mm Robline Sirius 500
Mast Rotation 3 ft  5mm  Control Line  5mm Robline Sirius 500
Cetnerboard  2 ft  5mm  Misc.  2 5mm Robline Sirius 500 
Jib Tensioner  6 ft  3mm  Misc.   3mm Robline Dinghy Control
Trampoline Lace 3-Piece 13 ft   6mm  Misc.   3 6mm Robline Orion 300
Trampoline Lace Diagonal  27 ft  6mm  Misc.   6mm Robline Orion 300
Trapeze Shockcord  11 ft  6mm  Misc.   6mm Robline Orion 300
Trapeze Adjustment  5 ft  6mm  Misc.   2 6mm Robline Dinghy Control
Batten Tie  2 ft  2mm  Misc.   2mm Nylon Braid


About the Hobie 17

The Hobie 17 sailboat stands as a testament to the thrill of high-performance catamaran sailing. Introduced in the late 1980s, this dynamic craft is celebrated for its combination of speed, agility, and innovative design elements. With its sleek, asymmetrical hulls and the inclusion of a trapeze system, the Hobie 17 allows sailors to harness the wind for optimal velocity while providing an exciting and challenging sailing experience. Its efficient design makes it well-suited for both seasoned sailors and those looking to push their boundaries, offering an exhilarating ride on the water that captures the essence of adventurous sailing. The Hobie 17 continues to be a favorite among enthusiasts seeking a blend of speed, maneuverability, and the sheer joy of catamaran sailing.

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