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Mirage Drives

New Hobie Mirage Drive Units from West Coast Sailing

Hobie Kayak Mirage Drives

The Hobie MirageDrive revolutionized the kayak. Shop complete Mirage Drive units today at West Coast Sailing including the latest 180 drives and Kick Up drives. The mirage drive units listed on this page represent those currently available from Hobie Cat. Previous versions of the drives have been discontinued, but spare parts are still available for most drive units.

Current Mirage Drives Explained:


Hobie Mirage Drive GT Kick Up - Entry level drive with standard kick up fins and glide technology.

Hobie Mirage Drive 180 Kick Up - Upgraded drive featuring 180 forward/reverse technology and standard kick up fins.

Hobie Mirage Drive 180 Turbo Kick Up - Premium drive with 180 forward/reverse technology and turbo kick up fins for increased speed. This is our best selling Mirage Drive unit and offers the best performance.

Hobie Mirage Drive 180 Kick Up - iSeries - Inflatable kayak series version of the standard 180 kick up drive. Designed specifically for iSeries Hobie kayaks.

Hobie Mirage Drive 360 Turbo Kick Up - Pro Angler 360 kayak series drive with 360 degree propulsion. Not compatible with other models.


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