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Supporting Your Passion For Sailing

Welcome to West Coast Sailing—where performance drives everything we do. For over a decade, we’ve served the small sailboat community with unrivaled expertise and an unwavering commitment to helping our customers sail smarter and faster.As the leading source for small sailboats, parts, apparel and accessories, we stock the highest performing products from the world’s top manufacturers.

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to ensuring that you’re equipped with the right tools for an exhilarating experience on the water, every time. We proudly stand behind everything we sell and can expertly guide you towards the best products to meet your unique needs. So whether you’re in it for racing or recreation, we’re confident in our ability to help you sail better than ever before.

In addition to providing industry leading support and access to the latest parts, apparel, and boats, West Coast Sailing is dedicated to providing an honest and meaningful work environment for it's staff and to giving back to the sport. Our various sponsorship programs support hundreds of sailors, programs, and events each year and we remain committed to creating a positive and lasting impact on the community we serve.


The West Coast Sailing Story

West Coast Sailing is North America's leading source for small sailboats, sailboat parts, and sailing apparel. We represent the top sailing manufactures, sponsor events, and serve customers around the world. But it didn't start that way. It all started way back in 2005, when our founder and owner, George Yioulos, opened up shop in a small leaky warehouse in Portland. There was no real plan and many mistakes where made in those early years, but one mission was clear: to help grow the sport of sailing, to give back, and to get more people on the water.

Fast forward to today. We now sell over 500 sailboats and kayaks a year and fulfill our customer's needs by shipping boats and product around the world. There are 15 hardworking employees that bring their best every day. We continue to invest in our business and continue to invest in the sailing community that got us here, all with the same mission guiding and motivating us. There is much we have accomplished in the past 15+ years, but There remains a plethora of work to be done to help our sailors get on the water faster, more easily, and with less hassle. We are absolutely driven to help even more people go sailing and look forward to working with you.

Our success in growing the sport of sailing can be attributed to several important values. First, find hardworking and dedicated staff who are passionate about sailing and support them. Our team is the backbone of what we do here. Second, do everything we can to delight our customers, always remembering that they are our fellow sailors and friends. Third, give back to the sailing community as much as possible. While we may not actively coach or volunteer at events as much as we used to, we actively support individual sailors, programs, and events via our Sponsorship programs and give back to the scholastic sailing community that helped shape us with our discount program for High School and College sailors. Find out more about our team, customers, and sponsorship efforts via the links above.



West Coast Sailing will be the leading resource for products, services, and information in the small sailboat industry.

Mission Statement

West Coast Sailing exists foremost to provide for the interests of the small sailboat community. Using our knowledge, passion, and experience, we will provide outstanding service in all that we do. We will maintain strong vendor relationships and stock a comprehensive inventory of the best products. We will be a central hub for advice and information for the latest products and techniques. We will commit ourselves to giving back to our sport and those that share our passion, in an effort to foster growth and further development of the sport to make sailing more accessible, meaningful, and fun.

Our company and it's people will face challenges directly, honestly, and with the highest integrity. West Coast Sailing in turn will provide a stable, productive, and fun work environment for it's employees and provide every resource possible to enable their continued success. In fulfilling these duties, West Coast Sailing will create a positive and lasting impact on the community we serve.


Core Values

West Coast Sailing is guided by 4 core values: BELIEVE, HUSTLE, CARE, and GROW.

BELIEVE - You can be great, and so can this company. You are the culture — your attitude, your optimism. We believe that everyone can make a difference — everyone can lead. Our companies make a difference, we believe that we can share our sport with everyone. Our team is our competitive advantage — together, we can do anything.

HUSTLE - Individual and team success stems from hard work. Nothing happens without it. Our customers are counting on us. We get the job done, both as individuals and as a team. We default to action. We see a problem, propose a solution, and act. We openly discuss any opportunities to improve. We win when we act and hustle for our customers and teammates.

CARE - About the sport, the community, and our people. We are driven by results beyond business. We take care of our team, who take care of our customers, who take care of our company. It’s simple. We have our peoples’ backs. This allows our team to work with confidence, humility and stability. Then they can take care of our customers.

GROW - Our goal isn’t just to be a bigger business — but a better company. When we invest in our team, in sailing, in our vision — we can grow. We provide opportunities for our people to advance. Every single person has the ability to lead, and grow along with us.

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