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The RS 21 is a boat that appeals to both individuals looking for a modern racing platform - as well as clubs/programs and fleets looking for a reasonably priced small keelboat. West Coast Sailing has all the resources you need to rig, find replacement parts, and enjoy sailing your RS 21.

RS 21 Class Association (Link)


RS 21 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many people do you sail with?

A: Racing generally with 4 but the boat will comfortably sail with more. We've seen some situations where 3 adults and 3 kids can pile in for some fun.

Q: How does it launch?

A: You can keep the 21 in the water, launch it via a trailer, or launch it via a crane at places that have those facilities.

Q: How big of a car do I need to tow it?

A: Generally speaking, you want a car that is rated for double what the actual boat and trailer weigh overall. With the trailer we provide for the 21, the total boat + trailer weight is around 2400pounds ready to tow. So, we want customers to tow with a car that is rated for 5000lbs and above. Mostly for safety and just general comfort wherever you go.

Q: Can I race PHRF/ Handicap?

A: It depends on your local handicap rules but, yes, we've got a valid PHRF certificate (including the Bay Area) and all the ratings you need

Q: What's it rate?

A: This is evolving, but the initial rating in the Bay was PHRF of 114.

Q: How big is the keel?

A: 730 lbs and 4.5 feet deep - it's pretty big!

Q: Kelpcutter?

A: Yes, optional for venues that need it. Easy add on.

Q: Electric outboard, does that even work?

A: It does, and really well. I don't think technology is going backward to gas engines again on small boats like this.

Q: Can I get it with bottom paint?

A: Absolutely. We can either install it at the factory, install it here, or you can get a local yard to do it.

Q: Mast and boom are carbon?

A: Yup. Selden spars throughout.

Q: What's prevents the boat from being an 'arms race' like other classes?

A: Strict class rules are in place to prevent what has happened in other classes. Limits on sail maker modifications to sails, number of pro sailors. Really designed to be budget friendly to all sailors.


About the RS 21:

The RS21 sailboat is a cutting-edge keelboat that seamlessly blends high-performance racing with user-friendly design. Crafted by RS Sailing, this 21-foot sailboat boasts a sleek and modern hull, providing exceptional speed and responsiveness on the water. With its emphasis on competitive racing, the RS21 features a well-balanced rig and sail plan, making it an ideal choice for both experienced sailors seeking thrilling competition and newcomers looking for a dynamic and approachable sailing experience. The boat's innovative design also prioritizes ease of use, ensuring that sailors of varying skill levels can enjoy the excitement of the RS21's performance-oriented capabilities. Whether participating in regattas or leisurely cruising, the RS21 offers a versatile and exhilarating sailing experience for enthusiasts across the spectrum.

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