Need parts for your sailboat? We have the largest selection of one design fittings and parts for small sailboats.

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At West Coast Sailing, we offer a full selection of marine grade line and sailing rope, with durable, high performance options for halyards, sheets, control lines, and more for dinghy sailors, cruisers, sport boat racers, and keelboat owners.

Sailboat Line & Rope - Halyards, Sheets, Control Lines & More

Line is a critical part of any sailboat, from small dinghy to super yacht and everything in between. West Coast Sailing offers a wide variety of line and marine rope for every sailor from leading line manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a new control line for your Laser vang, jib sheet for your J24, replacement halyard for your cruising boat, or a high strength low stretch line for a high performance application, we've got what you need to get you back on the water. Shop by common application, diameter, material, and more with options available from Robline, Marlow, Alpha Ropes, and New England Ropes. All line sold by the foot with line kits for select boats and small diameter mini spools available.

Line Diameter Conversion

1mm = 3/64 inch | 2mm = 5/64 inch | 3mm = 1/8 inch

4mm = 5/32 inch | 5mm = 3/16 inch | 6mm = 1/4 inch

7mm = 9/32 inch | 8mm = 5/16 inch | 9mm = 3/8 inch

10mm = 25/64 in. | 11mm = 7/16 in. | 12mm = 1/2 in.