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What to Wear Guide for Winter Sailing

** Updated Guide Coming Soon **

For cold weather and frostbite sailing, you can take one of two approaches: drysuit and layers or wetsuit and thermal tops. For the coldest conditions, we recommend a drysuit, which offers 100% waterproof protection. Layer up underneath with base and mid layers depending on your activity level or the water temperature. Check out the Gill Pro Drysuit or Stohlquist EZ Drysuit plus Zhik Hydrophobic or Gill Hydophobe layers (available in tops and bottoms). For *slightly* warmer conditions, many sailors like the mobility of a heavy wetsuit and thermal top. For these conditions, we recommend top-rated gear like the Ronstan Skiff Suit or Gill Firecell Skiff Suit plus a SEA Ultra Warm Top or Helly Hansen Blackline Neoprene Top. The Gill Thermoshield Top or Rooster Aquafleece Pro Top make great outer layers. In both cases, proper gloves and a warm hat are critical to keep your hands working and your head toasty. Check out the Zhik Sailing Beanie or Rooster Aquafleece Neck Gaiter for keeping your head warm and the Gill Three Season Gloves or Rooster Aqua Pro Gloves for protection for your hands without compromising mobility.