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The Hobie Getaway is the largest, most roomy catamaran platform around. Simple sailing, focused on comfort, stability and room for 4-6 people without breaking a sweat. West Coast Sailing has all the resources you need to rig, find replacement parts, and enjoy sailing your Hobie Getaway.

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Hobie Getaway Line Lengths:

Description Length Diameter Line Type Quantity Recommended Line Options
Mainsheet 38 ft 9mm Sheet 1

9mm Marlowbraid

Jib Sheet 32 ft  8mm  Sheet  8mm Spun Dacron
Main Halyard  ---    Halyard  SKU: 21981
Downhaul  5 ft  6mm  Control Line  6mm Spun Double Braid
Jib Furler Line  22 ft  3mm  Control Line  3mm Robline Dinghy Control
Aft Trampoline Center Lace Line  24 ft  5mm Misc.  1 3/16 Strait-Core Polyester
Aft Trampoline Rear Lace Line  9 ft  5mm  Misc  3/16 Strait-Core Polyester
Forward Trampoline Lace Line  15 ft  5mm  Misc  3/16 Strait-Core Polyester
Jib Head to Forestay Tie 6 ft  3mm Misc  3mm Robline Dinghy Control
Mast Preventer  3 ft  6mm Misc  1 1/4 inch Shockcord
Trapeze Shockcord  7 ft  6mm  Misc  1/4 inch Shockcord
Traoeze Shockcord with Wings  10 ft  6mm  Misc  1/4 inch Shockcord
Trapeze Adjuster  4 ft  5mm  Misc  3/16 Strait-Core Polyester
Batten Tie  2 ft  2mm  Misc  2mm Nylon Braid


Hobie Getaway Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this the most comfortable boat ever?

A: Yes

Q: Seriously?

A: Really. It's one of the most comfortable, stable, easy to use platforms ever. Yes, it's a little bit big and not for every situation, but, it's just one of the 'cruisiest', relaxed and comfortable boats for time on the water.

Q: Do I get the wings?

A: Absolutely get these, we never sell a boat without one. It's an automatic accessory for the Getaway, everytime.

Q: Is the black forward trampoline standard?

A: Included and standard :)

Q: Can I singlehand?

A: Easily. You'll need a hand putting the mast up and down, but, once that is done, the Getaway is as easily sailed by 6 as it is 1.

Q: Trailer options?

A: We have a custom galvanized trailer that fits the Getaway perfectly.

About the Hobie Getaway

The Hobie Getaway is all about fun. It is an extremely spacious and stable catamaran for families and friends to enjoy. With a boomless mainsail and furling jib - the Getaway is absolutely simple to use, yet delivers some surprisingly smooth speed. The largest boat in the Hobie family, it easily fits up to six people. The rotomolded polyethelene hull makes the Getaway a low maintenance boat with excellent lifetime durability. It's just a great boat for easy and lazy days on the water anywhere in the world.

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