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J/24 Spinnaker Sheet (Ultra Lite)

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Our J/24 Spinnaker Sheets are made with line that features a Dyneema or a blended Dyneema core. This ensures a lightweight and strong sheet, with both ends whipped for durability and core secured to the cover preventing no-load movement. This option features Samson Ultra Lite, a Dyneema SK-75 and MFP blend core with polyester cover for great durability. Perfect for the club or intermediate racer.

Sheets are sold individually; for a complete set, please be sure to enter a quantity of two when ordering, or add quantity 1 Green and quantity 1 Red to your cart for a port/starboard set.

  • J/24 Spinnaker Sheet
  • 8mm Samson Ultra Light
  • Dyneema SK-75 and MFP blend with Polyester cover
  • Both ends whipped
  • 50 foot length
  • Part # J24233

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West Coast Sailing Rig Shop
This item is hand built by our Rig Shop using industry leading best practices for splicing and rigging so you can be confident in a strong and dependable finished product. It was developed to meet class standards and common deck/rigging layouts, using materials appropriate for its application. Please contact our team if you have any question about this or any other one design or custom rigging needs.

Product Customization Request
If you need a rigging product built to a different specification, we can help! When you order this product online, our Rig Shop will build it to the specifications referenced above, but we know that individual needs may vary. We're happy to use an existing design and make it longer, shorter, from a different diameter line, etc. Please fill out of Product Customization Request to let our Rig Shop know what you're looking to do. You can also email us directly at or call 503-285-5536 during normal business hours.

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