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J/70 Spin Sheets w/ Pigtail (Endura Braid)

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Our J/70 Spinnaker Sheets are hard wearing for top performance and utilize high end line options. We strip and taper the sheet on each end, joining the core to two Amsteel Dyneema pig tails to luggage tag onto sheets and tie onto the spinnaker. Rigged continuous through the boat, the polyester cover offers great grip and durability for sheeting. This option features New England Ropes Endura Braid, a high performance option with Dyneema SK78 core and 24 plait polyester cover for long life, with Amsteel SK-78 tails.

  • 8mm J/70 Spin Sheets - Endura Braid
  • 4mm Tails - Amsteel SK-78
  • Part # J70223

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West Coast Sailing Rig Shop
This item is hand built by our Rig Shop using industry leading best practices for splicing and rigging so you can be confident in a strong and dependable finished product. It was developed to meet class standards and common deck/rigging layouts, using materials appropriate for its application. Please contact our team if you have any question about this or any other one design or custom rigging needs.

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