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RS Zest

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The RS Zest has been a runaway success since it’s 2018 launch. This is a lively, fun, and super simple boat that sells in droves to yacht clubs, community programs and families all over North America. The Zest combines a lot of innovation into a small and unassuming boat. Firstly, the cockpit space is significantly greater than in previous boats in this class - one or two young sailors fit easily. A clever mast design that clicks into place - while also spinning to furl the mainsail in seconds. Of course, it’s rotomolded polyethylene - so it’s close to maintenance free. Confidence inspiring and easy enough for the youngest sailors to go out and play - the Zest engages families on a lake, learn to sail programs, and yacht clubs looking for an alternative to 50+ year old fiberglass designs.

  • Space and Safety
    • Class leading crew space with a choice of secure inner and outboard seating areas
    • ‘3-stage sitting positions’ build confidence as skills grow
    • Easy for young sailors to handle yet can fit an adult easily enough
    • Wide and low hull make it very stable
    • Molded-in grab points for sailors to get aboard in case of capsize
  • Practical Features
    • Ingenious mast step system
    • Clunk-Click mast gate lock. Simple and Safe.
    • Lock-Up & Lock-Down rudder system (including Kick-Up grounding system). Simple and Strong
    • Fully enclosed pivoting centerboard. User-friendly and reduced damage risks
    • Roller furling main easy reefing from on board or an instructor
    • High visibility sail color
    • Built-in tow points makes towing 6 boats possible
  • Modern & Fun
    • Actual modern design and styling
  • Low Maintenance with Great Durability
    • Comptec PE3 construction state of the art three layer rotomoulding system
    • Toughest outer skin, a middle foam layer, with a strong inner skin
    • Additional thickness in high load areas
    • Reduces overall weight for better sailing - every RS Zest offers the best performance and most rewarding handling
    • Maximum use of shape to distribute loads and remove need for bolt on reinforcements
    • Built in buoyancy from thick foam layer
    • Strongest fittings attachment - brass inserts moulded into the hull structure
    • Virtually maintenance free
  • RS Zest Accessories
    • Small Jib
    • Rowing kit (oars & oarlocks)
    • Top cover
    • Launching trolley
    • Highway trailer


  • Length - 3.59m (11'9")
  • Beam - 1.47m (4'10")
  • Hull Weight - 68kg (150lbs)
  • Sail area – mainsail and jib - 6.9m² (71.5ft²)
  • Mainsail – Dacron, reefable - 5.7m² (59ft²)
  • Jib – Dacron - 1.2m² (12.5ft²)
  • Hull construction - Comptec PE3 durable polyethylene
  • Mast - 2-part aluminium alloy, foam filled top
  • Boom - Aluminium alloy
  • Rudder Blade - Polypropylene
  • Rudder Stock - Moulded glass/nylon – lift & lock system
  • Tiller Extension - Aluminium alloy
  • Centreboard - Polypropylene, pivoting


Having the versatility to use a dinghy for adult tuition one day and kids tasters the next. The RS Zest allows us to go sailing comfortably with the kids three-up on those days when we get tight on kit.
-Chris Frisby


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