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RS Neo

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When an older fiberglass design boat doesn't excite you, and you aren't racing... look at the Neo. Modern rigging, no maintenence hull - all designed as a package to make your sailing easy and exciting.

A combination of boats - a sporty and fun singlehander - which is also durable and easy to own. The Neo is an inexpensive boat compared to other fiberglass options. Go faster than you'd expect, without spending double the amount on a race boat. Composite spars and advanced sail design on a stable and easily driven hull combine with the strong, low maintenance Rotomolded plastic construction. The Neo is a niche boat that’s accessible, affordable, and keeps things exciting.

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  • Rig
    • Carbon composite spars, light and responsive
    • Two part mast that fits inside the cockpit for storage
    • Easily car-toppable
    • Rigs in 10-15 minutes
    • Radial cut Dacron sail
    • Powerful sail controls for different sailors and wind conditions
  • User-Friendly Hull
    • Small yet rather stable - a nice blend
    • Cockpit has room for two small adults or two kids
    • Wide gunwales to cut some spray and help lifting the boat
  • Highly Durable
    • RS Comptec PE3 sandwich construction
    • Impact resistant outer skin
    • Thickness variation matched to high load areas
    • Strong, molded-in brass fittings for hardware attachment points
    • Effectively zero maintenance
  • Class Leading Cockpit
    • Self draining
    • Ergonomically shaped for comfort
    • Quick lock mast gate - easy and fast to raise the mast
    • Hiking straps included
  • Versatile
    • Works for individuals and clubs
  • RS Neo Accessories
    • Top cover breathable
    • Launching trolley/dolly
    • Road trailer combi base
    • Padded rudder bag
    • Padded daggerboard bag
    • Wind indicator


  • Length - 3.53m (11'5")
  • Beam - 1.42m (4'6")
  • Hull Weight - 60kg (132lbs)
  • Sail configuration - Radial cut Dacron mainsail
  • Sail Area - 6m² (65ft²)
  • Spar Set - 2-piece carbon fiber


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We represent a dozen sailboat brands from all around the world. Our dinghy sailboat inventory is second to none, with at least 100 boats in stock in our warehouse at any time. Our staff has extensive experience sailing, racing, rigging, coaching and delivering boats worldwide. This is what we do:

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  • Rigging – We rig most boats by hand, and stand behind our work.
  • Long Term Support – We are a leader in our industry, and we didn't get here by cutting corners. We have your back.
  • Apparel and Accessories – We have the apparel, accessories, trailers and dollies to go with each boat.
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