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RS 500

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The RS 500 offers the performance of a skiff - in a more accessible, manageable and low maintenance package. A less exotic tapered aluminum mast, durable sails, and overbuilt fiberglass hull provide years of durability and fun for individuals and clubs. The 500 is also one of the only boats in this class with sail sail size options. The XL and the S sails offer different amounts of power depending on local conditions and the combined weight of the sailors. What the 500 does well, is combine fast with comfortable to allow new sailors to get into skiff style sailing. It’s just such a nice mix of performance, handling and not being too intense for ‘experts only’. It still has a learning curve to it, but it’s a big hull, not Everest.

  • Speed and Handling
    • Light, stiff and easily driven - the RS500 delivers performance with remarkably easy handling.
    • An uncluttered and surprisingly spacious cockpit allow room to work - without bumping into your crew constantly.
    • Low transom design makes climbing aboard after capsize easy.
    • Pivoting centerboard and rudder for easy launching and recovery.
  • Built to Perform
    • Light - stiff - strong
    • GRP composite is essential to provide the stiffness to weight ratio on a boat like this
    • "The RS500 looks and feels like a winner. It is a statement about our undiminished passion to offer the best boat in each sector - truly The Sailor's Choice"
  • Rig Technology
    • Mylar XL spec mainsail and jib for light weight, low stretch and top performance.
    • Dacron S spec (smaller) mainsail and jib for low stretch, ease of use and durability - perfect for clubs that can’t justify skiff boat prices.
    • Additional trapeze lines for double trapeze excitement


  • Length: 14'3"
  • Beam: 5'2"
  • Mainsail (XL): 100sq ft
  • Mainsail (): 80sq ft
  • Jib (XL): 37sq ft
  • Jib (S): 31sq ft
  • Spinnaker: 145sq ft
  • Weight: 169lbs


We represent a dozen sailboat brands from all around the world. Our dinghy sailboat inventory is second to none, with at least 100 boats in stock in our warehouse at any time. Our staff has extensive experience sailing, racing, rigging, coaching and delivering boats worldwide. This is what we do:

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  • Service – Our staff is focused on helping you Own The Water.
  • Experience – The team here has decades of experience on all types of dinghies.
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  • Apparel and Accessories – We have the apparel, accessories, trailers and dollies to go with each boat.