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J/24 Genoa Sheets (Nexus Pro)

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All of our J/24 Genoa Sheets have hard wearing polyester covers and feature end whips for top-flight durability. Designed to be attached to the sail in a 'luggage tag' manner, with the center of the sheet looping through the clew of the sail. This will leave you with two equal lengths sheet that are long enough for cross sheeting. This option uses Nexus Pro which features durable, lightweight cover that offers excellent grip and holding power. The core is pure Dyneema for ultra-strength and low-stretch. Ideal for the active J/24 racer.

  • J/24 Genoa Sheets
  • 8mm Nexus Pro Line
  • Dyneema Core / Polyester Cover
  • Single length of line, long enough for both port and starboard sheet
  • End whips for durability
  • Part # J24229

To install this sheet, find the midpoint in the line. Feed the midpoint through the clew of the genoa, creating a small loop. Pass both ends of the line through the loop and pull snug, luggage tagging the sheet in place. Run one end to port and the other end to starboard through your jib blocks.

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West Coast Sailing Rig Shop
This item is hand built by our Rig Shop using industry leading best practices for splicing and rigging so you can be confident in a strong and dependable finished product. It was developed to meet class standards and common deck/rigging layouts, using materials appropriate for its application. Please contact our team if you have any question about this or any other one design or custom rigging needs.

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