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Laser Parts

Laser sailboat and ILCA dinghy parts including sails, spars, deck fittings, blades, covers, dollies, accessories & upgrades. West Coast Sailing is your ultimate source for all things Laser and ILCA dinghy sailing, trusted by sailors worldwide and supporting the sailing community since 2005.

Laser Sailboat and ILCA Dinghy Parts & Accessories

If you’re looking for Laser sailboat and ILCA dinghy parts, you’ll find virtually any item you need to repair or maintain your sailboat here. Browse through our array of class legal Laser and ILCA dinghy parts including sails, tillers and blades, deck fittings, vangs, control lines, dollies, covers, blade bags, compasses, upgrades, and more. In addition to our full selection of ILCA International Laser Class Association approved parts and fittings, for recreational sailors or programs, check out our practice parts section for non class legal parts. Our staff of dinghy sailors is here to assist with any questions you might have and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders. Let us help you get ready to own the water on your sailboat.

Laser vs ILCA

    • A passion for Laser sailing and supporting fellow Laser sailors has been core to the identity of West Coast Sailing since our founding in 2005.  We’re here to help you understand recent changes with the racing class and the supply chain of new boats, parts, and sails.
    • If you own a Laser or ILCA sailboat and sail recreationally, any of the parts listed here will be compatible with your boat. 
    • If you actively race your boat, please check out our guide here: Laser vs ILCA Explained

Guide to Laser/ILCA Parts Categories

    • Sails and Battens - New racing sails, battens, and sail bags. New sails include free sail numbers and installation!
    • Spars - Complete mast top sections, lower mast sections, and boom assemblies
    • Tillers and Blades - Fiberglass rudders, rudder heads, daggerboards, tillers, and extensions
    • Hull and Deck Parts - All fittings found on the Laser deck including eyestraps, fairleads, blocks, and hiking straps
    • Mast and Boom Parts - All fittings found on Laser spars including tangs, end plugs, connector sleeves, and bullet blocks
    • Upgrades and Accessories - Popular upgrades that make it easier to sail your Laser
    • Lines and Line Kits - Selection of complete rope packs and precut line
    • Outhual and Cunningham Rigging - Upgrade packs, precut line, blocks, and accessories for rigging an outhaul and/or cunningham
    • Boom Vang Rigging - Upgraded 16:1 vang and components, vang blocks, and precut line for Laser boom vang assemblies
    • Covers and Bags - Protect your Laser with a deck cover, hull cover, spar bag, or blade bag
    • Dollies and Trailers - Transportation solutions for your Laser sailboat
    • Practice Parts - Generic fittings that will fit any existing Laser. Great for the recreational sailor or when class legal fittings are not available

Helpful Resources for Laser / ILCA Sailors