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Rooster Carbon Tiller Extension

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Find out why these extensions are used by top Laser sailors around the world. Pair with a Rooster Carbon Laser Tiller for the ultimate Laser tiller and extension set up. 49" Length - Available in 19mm, 22mm, and 25mm Diameters

The Rooster Carbon Tiller Extension - 1.25m long (49") and available in a number of different section diameters:

  • 19mm - The smallest diameter available, allows most room in hand for mainsheet or other lines.
  • 22mm - Similar in size to the ACME Fatso JR extension, the most popular diameter in the range.
  • 25mm - Similar in size to the ACME Fatso extension, offers the largest grip available.

This extension comes complete with a RWO Omniflex rubber universal joint. This joint is easily replaced if you have a different fitting on your tiller - see "related products."

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  • 5
    Best Tiller Extension

    I have experimented with many tiller extensions and recently came by this one. I enjoy the strength and grip of this tiller extension over others. I have put it in many precarious situations lately where I have broke ACME tiller extensions in the past and it held its ground. The grip on the tiller also insures the tiller will not slip out of your hands in heavy breeze and waves.

    - caden s

  • 5
    Greater strength than ACME extensions.

    This is a very good tiler extension, although it is slightly heavier than the acme tiller extension. I prefer this one because it is much less likely to break.

    - Fillah K.