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Zim FJ

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The Zim FJ is the standard doublehanded dinghy for high school and college sailing, with an active one design class on the West Coast. It has good all around performance and rewards the tactical and savvy teams. The Zim Club FJ is an FJ Class approved junior race boat with an added spinnaker. The FJ is agile and has the ability to perform in a wide range of conditions.

    • Toughened resin and Plexus bonds for superior strength and durability
    • All through-deck mounted hardware is supported by tapped aluminum backing plates
    • Shroud chain plate is a forged eye strap supported with an aluminum back-up bar under the rail
    • CFJ class through-transom rudder and tiller configuration
    • Harken blocks, cleats, and jib track
    • North Sails class approved mainsail, jib, and spinnaker
    • FSE Robline line package
    • Tapered aluminum spinnaker pole w/ JRV version
    • Dwyer aluminum mast and boom


    • Length - 13'10"
    • Beam - 4'2"
    • Draft - 3'3"
    • Mainsail Area - 64sq ft
    • Jib Area - 36sq ft
    • Spinnaker Area - 80sq ft (Club Only)
    • Hull Weight - 220lbs


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