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Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12

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Take your workouts to the water & have some fun on the Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12 this Summer.


Fitness should never be kept indoors. The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12 gives you a reason to get out on the water for and effective and fun workout. This lightweight board is as easy to transport as it is to get moving on the water. Efficiency and fun is all wrapped up into one in the Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12. With the MirageDrive to power you through any day and steering controls right at your fingertips, this board cruises the lake, river, or bay with ease. At 12 ft and still under 60 pounds when fully rigged, the Eclipse can be car-topped or carried to the beach with no trouble. The Eclipse combines speed and stability, and does both extremely well. If you’re looking for pedal power in a simple and fun package, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is the standup board for you.

    • MirageDrive w/ Glide Technology - The latest MirageDrive with updated fins for efficient pedaling in all conditions.
    • Removable Kick-Up Rudder - Confident steering with kick-up feature and is removable in seconds.
    • Adjustable Handlebar and Steering Controls - Enhances stability and balance whilr offering simple left/right steering.
    • Quick Set Handlebar Receiver - Remove the handlebar in a snap and quickly connect rudder lines.
    • High-Grip EVA Deckpads - Carefree, high traction footing across the whole deck for all-day endurance.
    • Advanced Hull Design - 65 years of boardsports design brings a stable and quick ride to the composite epoxy Eclipse.
    • Cargo Bungee - Pack a small pack, dry bag, or even camping gear with this secure bungee system.
    • Optional Accessories - Protect your board with a board bag, transport with a cart, or add a cup holder!
    • Colors -Lunar Blue or Solar Yellow.


    • Crew: 1
    • Length: 12' / 3.66 m
    • Width: 35" / .89 m
    • Capacity: 275 lbs / 125 kg
    • Fitted Hull Weight: 48 lbs / 21.7 kg
    • Fully Rigged Weight: 58.9 lbs / 26.7 kg
    • Hull Construction: ACX - Advanced Composite Epoxy


I want to buy this kayak and get out on the water. Do I really just add it to my cart?

Yup. Really, that's it. A growing portion of our customers just place their orders online. Can be faster and easier and less hassle than emails and phone calls. We don't mind either way, but once the order is in our system, then we get to work. As a summary, depending on stock status displayed on the kayak when you add to cart, we might start packaging it right away. Sometimes we have to wait for certain components - but our logistics team will start working on the delivery of your kayak from our warehouses to your shipping address. We'll package all the accessories, and then decide on the method of shipping. We have our own delivery van and trailer that handles a lot of the West Coast. We use contracted private drivers for places further away from us, and then we also use some normal shipping companies. You really don't have to worry about anything, that's our job. We line up the best option and then once the boat is ready, off it goes to you. It's not dissimiliar to ordering large appliances online - same processes with our own attention to detail to make sure it's as simple and transparent from order to delivery.

How much is shipping and how long does it take?

Your new Hobie Kayak will have a low, flat rate shipping price of $227 anywhere in the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). You will find this shipping method when adding your address in the shopping cart. Please contact us for rates outside the US. Each kayak's expected lead time is available as part of the product options right above the add to cart button (after you select any color options, if available). As some general guidance though, delivery times depend on stock status, your location and the size of your boat. For the majority of our kayaks that are in stock - they can be ready to ship in as little as 48 hours. That said, on average it's usually at least a week from order, to ‘ready for shipping to customer’.

How do you support your customers, especially if I buy a kayak randomly on your site?

More good news for you. Since we're a very specialized business, we've got 15+ staff, 4 of them on the customer support/care side. We've got a email specifically for support over the life of your product. You can also can call or text us at 1-503-285-5536. We're here to help!

Why West Coast Sailing & WCS Paddlesports?

Our dedicated kayak sales staff has over a decade of experience using and selling Hobie kayaks. When we aren’t in the shop helping customers gear up for their kayak fishing, kayak sailing, or recreational kayaking dreams, we’re out on the water living our own. From cruising the Tandem Island on the mighty Columbia River to kayak fly fishing the flats of the Gulf Coast, and even paddling class-V whitewater, our staff is constantly out there, improving our knowledge of life on the water. This knowledge, paired with our industry-leading passion for customer service, creates an unparalleled experience and environment for purchasing and rigging your Hobie kayak.

  • Selection – We keep a wide variety of Hobie kayaks in stock at all times.
  • Service – Our staff is dedicated to getting you on the water in the kayak you need.
  • Experience – Our team here has long-term experience with all different types of paddling.
  • Logistics – We have experience shipping boats all over the world, at reasonable rates, quickly.
  • Shipping – Hobie Mirage Outback kayaks ship for a flat rate of $227 anywhere in the USA (excludes AK and HI).
  • Support – We are a leader in our industry, and you are always our first priority.
  • Accessories – We have kayaking accessories and gear in stock to get you all set up in one easy order.

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