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Upgrades & Accessories

Upgrades & Accessories for Laser Sailboats Including Vangs & Cunninghams, Carbon Tillers & Extensions, Ratchet Blocks, Hiking Straps, & Go Fast Upgrades.

Laser Sailboat Upgrades & Accessories

Shop our most popular Laser sailboat upgrades including vangs, carbon tillers, mast wear strips, ratchet blocks, hiking straps, and more! These upgrades help make your Laser easier to sail, easier to rig, or both. Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on qualifying orders.

Top 10 Laser Upgrades

    • Carbon Tiller and/or Carbon Tiller Extension
    • Composite Top Section
    • 15:1 Vang Upgrade (Harken)
    • Cunningham / Outhaul Upgrade (Harken)
    • Harken Ball Bearing Blocks
    • Laser Clew Strap
    • Laser Autobailer Springs
    • Laser Hiking Strap Adjuster Kit (Rooster)
    • Laser Clew Shackle w/ Block
    • Velocitek Prism Racing Compass and Bracket

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