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Laser / ILCA Traveler Fairlead Wear Protectors

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Nylon wear protection pads for the Laser / ILCA dinghy. Designed to stop the mainsheet blocks from damaging the deck of the boat. The wear protectors clip around the traveler fairlead and are held in place by friction and the traveler rope. There is no overhang on the gunwale, so snagging is not possible. A smooth transition from deck level ensures the mainsheet block rides over the pad easily. Comes as a handed pair, one for starboard and one for port.

  • Complete Set - Includes Port and Starboard pad
  • Made by Allen
  • Part Number A1649

How to install Wear Protectors

To install the wear protectors, firstly loosen and remove the traveler line. Then slide the 'mouth' of the wear pad around the fairlead and push firmly until you hear a faint click. Re-install and tighten the traveler line. Voila!

The friction from the 'mouth' piece around the fairlead, and the tightness of the traveler rope, will keep the wear pad in place.

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