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Lewmar EVO Self-Tail 2 Speed Winch #40

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Typically Ships in 7-10 Days from Portland, OR

Evo self-tailing winches are built with engineering excellence on the front end and a lifetime of simple servicing. No tools required — just unscrew the top cap with your fingers. The Wave Spring jaw and stripper ring has an integrated investment cast stainless steel feeder arm, which covers the winch, and does not create a rope trap above the wave spring jaws. The feeder arm position can be adjusted to smoothly feed the rope out of the jaws and into the cockpit, while the stripper ring goes round the Wave Spring.

  • Unique design ensures you cannot snag that loose rope cover.
  • Optional "Fast Fit" stud fixings for easy installation.
  • Available in black or gray alloy and chrome bronze.
  • User friendly direction arrows.
  • Convertible to electric.
  • 7 year warranty.