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Laser / ILCA Outhaul (Complete)

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Upgrade your Laser / ILCA outhaul setup with our custom pro outhaul. Designed around an 'aft end' purchase system (using the boom cleat), this system creates a class legal 6:1 purchase with a block attached at the cleat. A clean, easy to install method, this outhaul has no knots to tie. Includes soft shackle, Harken 16mm single block, and a Harken 16mm single block with becket with primary control line (4mm Dinghy Control) and secondary line (4mm Amsteel) professionally spliced and whipped by our Rigging Department. Simply attach the single block to the cleat with the soft shackle and run the primary line through the block, back and through the single with becket, and then forward to the mast. Combine with our Outhaul Mast Loop with Block (Single) for a complete setup.

  • Blocks: Harken 16mm Airblocks
  • Primary Control Line: 4mm Dinghy Control
  • Secondary Line: 3mm Amsteel

'Forward' vs 'Aft' Outhaul Purchase Systems

There are two common styles of Laser / ILCA outhaul rigging. The first is to position the purchase system 'forward' using two blocks hung around the mast at the gooseneck and a block with becket connecting your control line (goes down to deck) to your primary line (goes aft to end of boom). This was the method used in all of the original Harken Outhaul/Cunningham upgrade kits, which included Harken 22mm Micro Blocks. The second method for outhaul rigging is to use an 'aft' purchase system, which utilizes the cleat on the boom as an anchor point for a turning block. In this setup, one block is hung around the mast at the gooseneck and the cascading purchase system is position aft of the cleat. Both methods work great, though most sailors currently prefer the 'aft' style of outhaul rigging. The product on this page is for the 'Aft' style.

Looking for the updated version of our Laser / ILCA outhaul assembly? Check out our 6:1 Outhaul PRO which includes everything you need in one kit (no add ons to purchase).



The following items will make it easier to use this system, if you don't already have them, and can be purchased separately: 

1. Laser / ILCA Clew Shackle w/ Block - Allows quick release of clew and reduces friction.

2. Laser / ILCA Outhaul Mast Loop w/ Block - Provides turning point for control line where boom and mast meet at the gooseneck.



Your kit includes three items: Control line with block spliced to one end, Dyneema primary line with loops on each end, plus a soft shackle with micro block attached to it. 

1. Attach soft shackle to the becket on the boom cleat.

2. Take the Dyneema primary line and luggage tag one end to the fairlead on the back of the boom. 

3. Pass the Dyneema primary line through the clew of your sail (or through a clew shackle w/ block (not included) for quick removal).

4. Pass the Dyneema primary line back through the fairlead and forward towards the boom cleat.

5. Luggage tag the free end of the Dyneema primary line around the becket of the block that is spliced to the control line (you'll need to pass the entire length of line through to secure).

6. With the Dyneema primary line attached to the becket, pass the free end of the control line forward through the block attached to the boom cleat (with the soft shackle, per step one).

7. Pass the Control line back aft, through the control line block, and then forward along the boom towards the mast. You should now have a cascade system directly behind the boom cleat.

8. To finish rigging your outhaul, run the control line down the mast through a turning block (we recommend our Outhaul Mast Loop w/ Block, not included).

9. Pass the control line through your deck block and back to the deck cleat.

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