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Laser / ILCA Outhaul Mast Loop w/ Block

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The Laser / ILCA Outhaul Mast Loop w/ Block (Single Block) features a single Harken T18 block spliced to Dyneema with an eye in the other end. Simply wrap the line around the mast and past the block through the eye - easy to use whether the sail is up or down. It's a great solution for sailors who swap back and forth between a radial and full rig often and use an outhaul block tied to their boom cleat. If you need a mast loop with double blocks for 'forward' rigged outhauls, check out our Laser / ILCA Outhaul Mast Loop w/ Block (Double Block).

  • Harken 18mm T2 Block
  • 2.7mm Dyneema

'Forward' vs 'Aft' Outhaul Purchase Systems - There are two common styles of Laser / ILCA outhaul rigging. The first is to position the purchase system 'forward' using two blocks hung around the mast at the gooseneck and a block with becket connecting your control line (goes down to deck) to your primary line (goes aft to end of boom). This was the method used in all of the original Harken Outhaul/Cunningham upgrade kits, which included Harken 22mm Micro Blocks. The second method for outhaul rigging is to use an 'aft' purchase system, which utilizes the cleat on the boom as an anchor point for a turning block. In this setup, one block is hung around the mast at the gooseneck and the cascading purchase system is position aft of the cleat. Both methods work great, though most sailors currently prefer the 'aft' style of outhaul rigging. Use this Mast Loop w/ Block (Single Block) to complete your 'Aft' purchase outhaul system.

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