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Ovington ILCA: A New Era of Winning Boats

ovington-ilca-hull-white-3-2500-1100.jpgWest Coast Sailing Partners with Ovington Boats on ILCA Dinghy 

PORTLAND, Oregon - West Coast Sailing is pleased to announce a partnership with Ovington Boats to offer class approved ILCA dinghies. Ovington Boats, the UK based builder specializing in high performance dinghies, was approved by the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) and World Sailing in August 2020. A long time supporter of the class and its sailors, West Coast Sailing carefully considered all new builders and sought to find the best ILCAs available. This expansion of a decade-long relationship between the two companies will allow West Coast Sailing to offer race-ready boats, spare parts, and top tier support, while providing Ovington Boats with a leading partner for their North American distribution. 

The ILCA landscape has evolved quickly in the past year with several new builders approved by the class. Chris Brown, West Coast Sailing President, is confident the Ovington ILCA will become the boat of choice for sailors looking for high quality spare parts, reliable support, and a strong track record of success. Ovington has been building high performance and Olympic level dinghies for many years and has applied the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail in how they build their ILCAs,” Brown said. “After careful analysis and a factory visit, working with Ovington was a clear choice for us.” 

Beyond building a top quality ILCA, Ovington Boats is backed by a great team and a commitment to ongoing support. This is a key part of the equation every sailor should consider given issues with previous builders. Ovington staff members have an average of 20 years of boat building experience, and Chris Turner has been a stable hand at the helm of the business for the last 15 years. Robust warranty and support systems give dealers the latitude to solve problems and keep sailors on the water so they can focus on what they do and enjoy best.

This is an organized, experienced team that is used to being held to the highest standards of Olympic sailors who demand the absolute best,” Brown continued. “We have chosen to work with Ovington because we believe all sailors should expect the same.” 

The first container Ovington ILCA dinghies will arrive at West Coast Sailing the last week of December. Sailors can place a preorder deposit now to reserve a boat, with shipping available across the country starting in early January. A full range of Ovington ILCA sails, spars, blades, and upgrades are already available for immediate purchase via the West Coast Sailing ecommerce website. Zim Sailing of Bristol, Rhode Island and Vela Sailing Supply of Dallas, Texas will join West Coast Sailing to collaborate on regional distribution. 

Through all the changes with the class and availability of boats and parts, the team at West Coast Sailing remains committed to helping sailors get out on the water and is looking forward to this new era for ILCA sailing. Read on for information on preorder and racing packages, with complete ILCAs starting at $7,295, plus links to all ILCA sails, spars, and spare parts categories.

December, 2020


Ovington ILCA Preorder Packages & Pricing

Available in 2 Trim Levels and 3 Rig Sizes:

ILCA Classic Trim
Includes Harken vang, cunningham, and outhaul hardware, aluminum tiller and extension, and full aluminum spar set.

ILCA Composite Trim
Includes Harken vang, cunningham, and outhaul hardware, carbon tiller and extension, carbon upper mast section, and aluminum lower mast section and boom with Harken blocks.

ILCA 4 Rig
Smallest rig size, also known as 4.7.

ILCA 6 Rig
Middle rig size, also know as Radial.

ILCA 7 Rig
Largest rig size, also know as Standard/Full.

Select the Rig Package for Your Needs:

Complete Boat Package, No Prep
Complete, ready to sail boat with no accessories. Basic assembly and sail number installation required by sailor upon pickup or delivery.
Complete No Prep Total Price (4,6,7) - Classic $7,295 / Carbon $7,995

Complete Boat Package w/ Prep
Complete, ready to sail boat with no accessories. Includes full assembly and sail number installation. Adds $285 to complete boat price over 'No Prep' option.
Complete w/ Prep Total Price (4,6,7)- Classic $7,580 / Carbon $8,280

Club Racing Package (Inc. Prep)
Complete, ready to sail boat with prep, assembly, and sail number installation. Includes Rooster Deck Cover and Blade Bag, and UK style Launching Trolley. Adds $700 to complete boat price over 'No Prep' option.
Club Package Total Price (4,6,7) - Classic $7,995 / Carbon $8,695

Competition Package (Inc. Prep)
Complete, ready to sail boat with prep, assembly, and sail number installation. Includes North Winds Deck Cover, Blade Bag, and Spar Bag, Dynamic Beach Dolly, Cunningham & Vang Fast Pins, and a C-Vane Wind Indicator. Adds $1430 to complete boat price over 'No Prep' option.
Comp Package Total Price (4,6,7) - Classic $8,725 / Carbon $9,425


How To Preorder Your Ovington ILCA:

Contact our team via phone or email today to reserve your ILCA in our first container. All package options are available.


Order Online

Limited availability remaining in first container with $3000 deposit via phone/email.

Shipping options to all US destinations available or pickup in Portland, OR starting January 2021.

Ovington ILCA Parts & Accessories

Shop ILCA sails, spars, blades, upgrades, accessories, and more via our online store with hundreds of items in stock today. Enjoy fast, free shipping on qualifying orders over $49. Free sail numbers and installation on all ILCA 4, ILCA 6, and ILCA 7 racing sails!

ILCA News and Updates


Ovington Boats Approved as ILCA Builder

The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) is pleased to confirm that Ovington Boats Ltd. is fully approved as our newest builder of class-legal boats. The UK based company has completed the rigorous builder approval process and and has received approval from both the ILCA and World Sailing technical departments to begin production immediately.

Expect to see the first ILCA class-legal boats by Ovington at the UK Nationals, to be held 24-29 August at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, complete with World Sailing plaques — meaning these boats are legal for all class-sanctioned events including world and Olympic qualifiers. Boats will be manufactured from moulds made from ILCA master tooling.

Full press release available at




Ovington ILCA Fit & Finish Photos

The Ovington ILCA is a remarkably well finished racing dinghy. The class build manual does an excellent job ensuring all ILCA sailboats are built to the same specifications, but small details in quality and craftsmanship certainly make Ovington's offering stand out.

For an up close look at the ILCA, head on over to our blog where we have detailed photos from one of the first production boats.

See detailed photos on the West Coast Sailing Blog