New Rooster Sailing Gear

New gear from Rooster Sailing for Spring 2019. We're big fans of the entire range of innovative and practical sailing gear from Rooster and recommend them to a variety of sailors, from beginners to active racers. Check out the new Aquafleece Pro-Lite Top, All Purpose Boots, Hi-Fit Trousers, EasySplice Needle, and more.Rooster Aquafleece Pro-Lite Top$105Once you try Aquafleece you’ll never look back! The Rooster Pro Lite Aquafleece top combines a soft, durable and flexible polyurethane outer coat …
Apr 2nd 2019 Philip Krug (Staff)

New Gill Foul Weather Gear Collection

Brave is not buckling in a 40-knot squall. Brave is keeping the keel canted over, somehow, anyhow. When you’re out on the water, you’re never less than brave. You’re testing yourself against the worst the ocean can throw at you. And that’s why Gill has created some of the best technical clothing ever worn at sea. So that you can continue being what you’ve always been.The Latest From GillNever Less Than Brave defines the new collection of foul weather gear from the sailing experts at Gill. This …
Dec 6th 2018 West Coast Sailing

Laser Class Announces New Composite Top Mast

The International Laser Class Association (ILCA) is pleased to announce the release of a class-legal composite top mast section that is expected to be available for purchase in early 2017.Because the new mast was designed with the exact same weight and bend characteristics as the existing aluminum upper sections, it will not provide a performance advantage but instead will eliminate the permanent bending problems associated with the aluminum spars.“ILCA’s policy regarding the introduction of new …
Dec 6th 2016 West Coast Sailing

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