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Sails & Battens

ILCA Sails & Battens

New ILCA dinghy sails and battens from North and Hyde. All racing sails include FREE sail numbers and installation and are compatible with Laser® sailboats. Shop ILCA 7 (also known as Standard), ILCA 6 (also known at Radial), and ILCA 4 (also known at 4.7) today at West Coast Sailing, your trusted International Laser Class Association supplier since 2005. More ILCA dinghy parts available here.

Free Sail Numbers & Installation

West Coast Sailing was the first to provide free sail numbers and we still do! All new ILCA dinghy sails include free sail numbers and sail number installation. Enter your sail number and select sail number type, and our expert team will install them for you in accordance with class rules. How easy is that?

Free Standard Shipping

Enjoy fast, free shipping on orders over $49 at West Coast Sailing, including ILCA sails!