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Opti Sail Ties

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Sail tie set includes Vectran cored lines for the mast and boom. All ties are double length to make tying them easy. 5 corner ties and 14 standard ties.

  • Vectran line
  • Double length for easy tying
  • Corner ties: 3mm
  • Sail ties:1.2mm

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    Should be part of every Opti sailor's kit

    It's good to have one of these in your bag, for a couple of reasons. First, sail ties can come off and get lost in the water. Or your friends might lose theirs and having this lets you give them a tie. It's also good to have ties tied to each sail that you have, so that you never have to worry about tracking them down.

    These are pre-cut, which saves a lot of time from having to cut your own.

    - Ethan Sargent

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