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Laser / ILCA Cunningham Primary

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Upgrade your Laser / ILCA cunningham system with our pro spliced cunningham primary. Our Rigging Department splices a Harken Micro Single Block to the end of Amsteel and then splice a loop just beyond it. Slide the loop over the bottom of your mast before you put it up. Pass the spliced eye through the grommet and luggage tag it around the Harken Micro Block with Becket (attach your preferred control line, not included, to this becket). The vang tang holds the loop in place and the setup keeps your cunningham out of the gooseneck and running smoothly. Combine with our Laser / ILCA Cunningham Line w/ Handle for a complete system.

  • Diameter: 3mm
  • Line: Amsteel Gray
  • Blocks: Harken 22mm Micro

Laser / ILCA 'Primary' vs 'Secondary' Lines for Sail Controls

The three main sail controls on a Laser / ILCA are the vang, outhaul, and cunningham. Each system includes a series of blocks and both a 'primary' and 'secondary' (sometimes just called control) line. Typically, the 'primary' refers to the Dyneema or Spectra section of the sail control. On the vang, this is the upper line that runs through the block with the vang key, and on both the outhaul and cunningham, it is the line that contacts the sail at the clew (outhaul) and tack (cunningham). The 'secondary' is the control line that ends up in your hand and is cleated, typically 4mm or 5mm in diameter and with a cover for durability. On the vang, this is the thicker line that cleats off to the cam cleat on the vang base. On both the outhaul and cunningham, this is the line that goes down the deck, through the deck blocks, and aft to the deck cleats.

  • Primary Line = Spectra or Dyneema
  • Secondary Line/Control Line = 4mm or 5mm Line w/ Cover
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