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Hobie Kayak Safety Flag

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TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK - Hobie has reopened and we expect to be able to ship orders for this item in 7-10 days

A triangle safety orange flag with reflective piping. The flag stands out from the pole without wind. Simple, easy to install and remove from your kayak.This new flag system uses the Hobie threaded fittings as the mount point. Simply remove one of the threaded fittings in the cargo area and install the specially designed flag holder fitting in place. The pole is held by a clamping thumb screw. When removing the flag, loosen the thumb screw and pull the pole out of the fitting. The threaded fitting remains in the kayak. The fitting also includes an eye to route the cargo bungee through. A great upgrade for any paddler!

Flag dimensions: 7 in high x 14.5 in long

Flag pole height: 4 ft

*PLEASE NOTE that the color of the flags may vary as Hobie changes this from time to time. Color may be either high-vis yellow or orange.