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LASER/ILCA TIPS: How to Replace and Install the Autobailer

Posted by George Yioulos (Staff) on Oct 15th 2021

Whether you’re installing an autobailer for the first time on an older Laser, or replacing one on your ILCA or Laser, this step-by-step guide we’ve created will walk you through the process.What exact … read more

Laser/ILCA Tips: Carbon Tillers & Extensions

Posted by George Yioulos (Staff) on May 3rd 2021

Most Lasers/ILCA boats have historically included an aluminum tiller and tiller extension. (If you go back in history, the original ones were wood!). There are a number of reasons to upgrade your old … read more

​Melges Q&A with Jake at West Coast Sailing

Posted by Philip Krug (Staff) on Jan 28th 2021

The Melges Team spoke to our very own Jake Sorosky to get his thoughts on the Melges 15 and to share our plans for the 2021 season.MPS: There have been more than one hundred Melges 15s sold since its … read more

Introducing the Melges 15 Racing Dinghy

Posted by Philip Krug (Staff) on Jan 5th 2021

The team at West Coast Sailing has partnered with Melges Performance Sailboats to offer the new Melges 15 on the west coast including California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. This high pe … read more