Protecting your hands is as important as protecting anything on your boat. At West Coast Sailing, we carry a wide range of sailing gloves for fast action dinghy sailing, scholastic sailing, cruising, keelboat sailing, offshore sailing, and more.

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  • Zhik Elite Glove (Long)

    Zhik Elite Glove (Long)

    Produced for high performance activity in wet conditions, the Elite Gloves are made from exceptionally durable Amara Fabric and highly abrasive resistant elite PU paneling. The range provides unrivalled levels of abrasion resistance and represents the...
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Shop short finger gloves and long finger gloves styles for traditional sailing gloves with great grip and protection. These are perfect for the majority of sailors on multiple styles of boats. Heading out in the cold? Shop our selection of winter gloves, designed with neoprene and other warm materials to keep your hands warm on the water while providing grip and dexterity. These are a must for late fall, winter, and early spring sailing. And finally, if you're looking for ultra lightweight grip, check out our selection of gardening grip gloves, designed to grip small diameter line and hold on tight. These are prefect for skiff sailors. We also carry several offshore gloves for use on larger boats or in cold sailing conditions.

Short Finger Gloves - Traditional style sailing gloves with reinforced palm and great durability for handling line on a sailboats. These gloves are cut to have all five fingers exposed for ease of tying knots and handling small hardware. Great for use in warmer weather.

Long Finger Gloves - Similar to Short Finger Gloves, except the middle three fingers are fully protected. While typically not designed for use in colder weather, these gloves do offer a bit more protection for your hands. Most short finger gloves are available in a matching long finger style.

Winter Gloves - Sailing gloves designed for sailing in colder conditions, typically made from a neoprene fabric for insulation with a reinforced palm for handling small lines.

Gardening Grip Gloves - Popular among skiff sailors who need excellent grip for small, technical lines, these lightweight gloves have a sticky grip surface that works well for short term use but won't hold up as long as a traditional Short Finger or Long Finger sailing glove.

Offshore Gloves - Heavy weight gloves designed for offshore or coastal sailing. These typically won't hold up as well when handling small lines on smaller boats, but are great for use on cruising boats with larger line diameters.

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