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7mm Rooster Polilite Line

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7 mm
Line Type:
Polyester Double Braid

Rooster Polilite line was designed specifically for the headache of dealing with a tangled Laser mainsheet. This line is strong, prevents tangles, and has minimal water absorption - perfect as a mainsheet on a Laser or any number of other boats! This 7 mm version is perfect as an all-around mainsheet option. The tightly woven cover also prevents water absorption. Rooster Polilite is a go to mainsheet choice for Laser sailors around the world. 

  • Colors: Black, Blur
  • Diameter - 7mm (9/32 inch)
  • Other Available Diameters - 6mm
  • Core - Polypropylene 
  • Cover - Polypropylene
  • Applications - Sheets
  • Features - Double Braid, Low Tangle
  • Average Strength - 1500 lbs
  • SOLD BY THE FOOT (Quantity 1 = 1 Foot. Adjust quantity to order longer lengths)


by Rooster Sailing

Have you ever found yourself in a great position at the first mark and turned to go downwind to find that your mainsheet looks like a clump of spaghetti in the ratchet block? To date Laser sailors have put up with this problem and tried to find ropes that give them tangle free properties with some success. However with 10 meters of mainsheet to let out to go onto a run, the sheet need to be rather special. Steve Cockerill from the UK tried in vain to develop something in time for the UK Laser Olympic Trials in 1995, but he has persisted since then and now manufactures a rope of his design which he thinks solves the problem.

The concept was to produce a rope that was closer to 7mm than 6mm to help reduce the tangles and make it a little easier on the hands. He wanted it to be lighter than a normal 6mm polyester rope and primarily he wanted it to be more stable than a normally constructed mainsheet. Steve figured that it was the properties of the inner core that made the rope more likely to tangle. His idea to solve the problem was considered by the rope manufacturer to be more revolutionary than evolutionary. Steve had the idea to put a low tech high stretch rope as the inner core of the rope. This would make the core lighter and leave the outer core to be the load bearer. The outer core would therefore also grip the inner core under load - which would help maintain stability. Steve calls it 'Polilite'.

Since then, Rooster has continued to roll out the technology in a 6mm extra light mainsheet that won Gold and Silver at the Olympics in the Laser Class.