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Sunfish Hull Cover (Fast Canvas)

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Snipe Bottom Poly/Silver


Typically Ships from Portland, OR in average of 4-6 weeks

The Sunfish bottom cover will completely enclose your Sunfish hull, protecting it from the elements. This cover cover fits snugly above the rub rail of the hull to seal out dirt and water. The cover installs securely with an elastic cord and four straps with buckles across the deck. This hull cover is compatible with our Sunfishå¨ top cover and mast up cover if you want to completely enclose your boat. Split transom cut out allows the pintles/gudgeons to stick out.

Polyester Fabric: Silver w/ Straps

  • Polyester Fabric
  • Hull cover fits snuggly over bottom of boat
  • Includes straps
  • Split transom so gudgeons/pintles stick out
  • Silver Color (NOT BLUE AS SHOWN IN PHOTO**)
  • Fast Canvas