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Sunfish Deck Cover - Spars on Deck (Fast Canvas)

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Typically Ships from Portland, OR in Average of 4-6 weeks

This Sunfish cover is a cross between a flat cover and our mast up cover. This cover has the tail on the cover to allow the spars and sail to be stored on deck. It will also be cut wider to make room for the spars on deck. This cover has a large reinforcement at the bow to handle the extra chafe caused by having the spars on deck. This is a great option if you would like to leave all of the equipment for your boat, at your boat, but with the mast down.

The cover fits snugly below the rub rail of the hull to seal out dirt and water. It features a Velcro attachment around the aft section of the boom (the part that hangs over the back of the boat). The cover is held on through most conditions by the elastic cord in the hem and there are tie down points every three feet around the cover if you need to tie it down. This sailboat cover is compatible with a hull cover if you want to completely enclose your boat. The straps will be in place of the webbing loops and will go from one side of your cover to the other.

  • Polyester Fabric
  • Spars on Deck style Top Cover
  • Includes straps
  • Charcoal Color (NOT BLUE AS SHOWN IN PHOTO**)
  • Fast Canvas
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