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RS Aero Tapered Vang Line

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RS Aero
Control Line


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Upgrade the stock rigging on your RS Aero with the West Coast Sailing Tapered Vang. Includes a vang purchase line made from Robline Dinghy Polytech (Dyneema SK78 core with polyester/Technora 16 blend cover) with a taper/bury to reduce friction in the system while maintaining a durable control line for handling and cleating. We also include a length of 4mm Robline Ocean 3000 Dyneema for the vang cascade so that you can replace yours if worn out.

  • Vang Purchase: 5mm Robline Dinghy Polytech tapered with end whip
  • Vang Cascade: 4mm Robline Ocean 3000 Dyneema
  • Part Number RSAERO120

West Coast Sailing Rig Shop
This item is hand built by our Rig Shop using industry leading best practices for splicing and rigging so you can be confident in a strong and dependable finished product. It was developed to meet class standards and common deck/rigging layouts, using materials appropriate for its application. Please contact our team if you have any question about this or any other one design or custom rigging needs.

Need a custom solution? We can help!
These pre spec rigging products are designed to work for most sailors, but we can build almost anything you need. Different line choice, different length, different diameter - you name it, we can help! Contact us at to discuss your rigging needs.

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