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Trailers, Carts & Covers

All of the latest Hobie Kayaks can use “Plug-in” carts.

Hobie Kayak Trailers, Carts & Covers

Hobie Kayak Carts or Dollies are a must for easily transporting your kayak from car to water’s edge. Simply roll the kayak down to the water and off you go! “Plug-in” carts do just that...they plug right into the bottom of your kayak. Choose Standard for light duty and solid surfaces, Heavy Duty for heavy loads and rough terrain or the “all-terrain” Hobie Trax “2” version which is the best over soft sand. Each cart has a sturdy stainless steel frame. Some older models, i-series or other brands of kayaks may require the use of a different type of cart.

Need help finding an item? Check out the Hobie Kayak Parts & Accessories catalog (link opens PDF in new tab). You can also contact a Hobie Kayak expert at or by calling + 1 (503) 285-5536 ext 3.