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Laser Vang Tang Pin for Harken Vang

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Drop nose style pins have been around for a while, but never ones that are designed specifically for the diameters and sizes of the Harken Laser Vang unit. This pin enables you to quickly take off your Harken Vang assembly from the mast tang, which allows you to de-rig and take your sail off with ease, even when your fingers are cold or tired.

  • Drop nose style pin for Harken Laser Vang.
  • Designed specifically for mast tang attachment.
  • Fits bottom hole in Harken Laser Vang - connect to mast tang fitting.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Manufactured by Rooster Sailing.

Use Note: To avoid damage to the pin, make sure that you install with the slide T pin mechanism AWAY from your Cunningham line. In other words, if you have your Cunningham run on the starboard side of the vang, push the T pin through your vang unit from starboard to port so that the slide is on the opposite side of your cunningham. This instruction is based on feedback from some sailors that the pin was getting damaged in use. 

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  • 3
    Didn't stand up to pressure

    My initial review indicated how I liked the convenience of this piece but sadly it did not stand up to pressure. During my last tack to the finish line in my last race of the day I pulled on the vang and heard a snap. The retaining piece of the pin was half jammed into the pin itself and had sheared off landing in my cockpit. It may have been me but I tend to be pretty conscious of how I rig my boat. Perhaps the pin had rotated such that the retaining piece slid part way out as opposed to being at the full 90 degree locking angle. Anyway I'm lucky I didn't get it in the eye.

    - Michael

  • 2
    Diameter is too thick

    Great idea, but the diameter of this is just a hair too wide to fit into the tang on the bottom section I used. As in, maybe half a millimeter too thick. So I had to switch back to the standard clevis pin that came with the vang block. Since I often sail a borrowed/chartered Laser, drilling out the tang isn't an option.

    If West Coast sold a smaller diameter pin, I'd definitely buy it. (Feel free to drop me a line, guys, I'm in your database.)

    - Al Sargent

  • 5
    Expensive, but very nice

    I'm slow rigging, unrigging. I really like this pin compared to the standard clevis pin. When its cold and wet this is much easier to deal with compared to that small finicky split ring.

    - Michael