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Laser Line Kit *Recreational*

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Packaged and shipped in 2-3 days from Portland, OR

Every line you need, from bow to stern! This package includes every pre-cut line needed for the Laser: mainsheet, outhaul, cunningham, vang, bow line, hiking strap lines, and more. A great value and super easy! Suitable for boats with original hardware.

Our Laser Line Kit *Recreational* is designed for Laser sailboats with "classic" hardware, or other not with the upgraded 16:1 vang or upgraded cunningham and outhual systems with integrated deck blocks and deck cleat assembly. If you're unsure about the right kit, consult the rigging video and line kit list below to clarify what is included in our kits.

FunctionLengthDiameterColorLine Type
Mainsheet 45' 8mm Grey Bzz Line
Vang 10' 5mm Red FSE Sirius
Outhaul 10' 5mm Blue FSE Sirius
Clew Tie Down 2' 4mm Red FSE Sirius
Cunningham 10' 5mm Green FSE Sirius
Traveler 12' 6mm White Marlow Pre-Stretch
Daggerboard Bungee 8' 8mm Black Shockcord
Daggerboard Clip Line 2' 4mm Blue FSE Sirius
Hiking Strap Adjuster 3' 6mm White/Green FSE Orion
Hiking Strap Retainer 3' 6mm Blue Shockcord
Rudder Downhaul 4' 4mm Red FSE Sirius
Mast Retainer Line 2' 3mm Green Dinghy Vectran
Bow Line 10' 8mm Black PolyPro
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