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Hobie 16 Line Kit

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  • Hobie 16 Jib Halyard Wire Assembly
  • Hobie 16 Aussie Jib Halyard Kit
  • Hobie 16 Main Halyard (Comptip)
  • Hobie 16 Main Halyard Assembly (Non Comptip)


SOLD OUT - Additional stock expected Spring 2022

Complete line kit for the Hobie 16 Catamaran. Includes fuzzy soft main and jib sheets and low stretch control lines. Now with double grommet lacing line (double grommet length - trim excess if you have a single grommet tramp). Trapeze Shockcord eyes are hog-crimped and shrink tube covered. Includes batten ties and jib halyard line. Base price does not include the jib halyard wire or main-halyard (wire or tail). Main halyard and jib halyard add-on options are explained below, or you can complete your purchase without these halyards (select 'none' in the options above).

Whats Included in Hobie 16 Line Kit:

    • Mainsheet
    • Jib Sheet
    • Jib Halyard Line
    • Outhaul
    • Downhaul
    • Aft Tramp Lace Lines
    • Center Tramp Lace Line
    • Trapeze Adjustment
    • Trapeze Shockcord
    • Batten Tie-In

ADD-ON Main Halyard Options:

ADD-ON Jib Halyard Options: