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Dynamic Dolly Large Wheel Kit

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The Dynamic Dolly wheel is the next generation of dolly wheels. This large wheel measures 18" x 8.5" and can replace existing Seitech F Wheels. It has integrated Delrin ball bearings for easy rolling on any surface. Designed to update an existing Dynamic or Seitech dolly (with axle bracket update) with standard wheels, this kit includes two (2) Large Wheels and two (2) Large Wheel Axles (required for large width of Large wheels).

  • Large size wheel kit from Dynamic Dollies
  • Includes two (2) Large Wheels and two (2) Large Wheel Axles
  • Large Wheel Axles are mounted with 4 bolts on each side instead of 2 for additional support
  • Designed to upgrade an existing dolly with standard wheels
  • 18'' x 8.5" wheel size

Note for Seitech Dolly Owners - Use of this kit will require update to the Dynamic Dollies Angled Axle Bracket (one on each side, order quantity 2). The older Seitech axle brackets have a different internal design which prevents the longer wheel shaft from being able to pass through and accept all 4 bolts along the base of the bracket. Existing aluminum tubes from your Seitech dolly are fully compatible with the wheel kit and the Dynamic Dollies axle bracket

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