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Sunfish Sail Freedom

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SF 7C1


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Sunfish sails are recognized all over the world for their bright and fun colored sails. The new 'Freedom' color sail has panels of red, white, and blue. This sail is ideal for the recreational Sunfish sailor looking to replace an old, worn out sail with something new, clean, and colorful. While not sourced through the current class builder for the Sunfish, this sail is high quality and will work with existing Sunfish sailboats. Those actively racing the Sunfish should seek out a class approved racing sail, or check with your fleet about what is required.

  • Dacron sailcloth
  • Fits all years of Sunfish sailboats
  • Includes window and folded sail bag
  • Attach with rings or ties (not included)
  • Made by Pryde Sails

Replacement parts are high quality fittings that perform the same as the parts originally supplied by the boat manufacturer. Sunfish® is a registered trademark owned by Velum Limited and licensed for use in North America to LaserPerformance (US).

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