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Laser and ILCA sailing line and rigging must be able to withstand the elements: moisture, the sun's rays and in some cases, salt or even freezing rain. West Coast Sailing offers a wide range of high performance and durable sailing line that is perfect for Laser / ILCA mainsheets, control lines, and rigging. Shop our selection of pre-cut line for every application on your Laser or one of our handy Line Kits, which include every line you need to completely upgrade your Laser rigging. 

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Shop Kits, Pre Cut Line, and Custom Rigging

  • Line Kits - Complete line packages for Laser / ILCA
  • Pre Cut Line - Easy to order line for specific applications on your Laser / ILCA
  • Rig Shop - Custom rigging products and assemblies built by our rigging team

Laser / ILCA Line Resources & Advice

  • Laser Line Guides
    • Laser Recreational Line Guide for classic or recreational rigged boats (including 3:1 boom vang, single deck cleat for cunningham, and boom cleat adjusted outhaul).

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